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join the Balanzs challenge

Welcome to your Balanzs Challenge!

During the month of May, take (at least) 21 classes in 31 days, starting May 1st. Make sure to read all info and sign up! After signing up and paying the joining fee of € 9,95 and choosing your personalised goal, you will be sent an email tailored to that goal with advice and suggestions of classes. Throughout, we’ll also send you motivational emails to keep you going till the end!


By signing up, you get the Balanzs tote bag, including:

a stamp card to keep track of your classes

a personalised card for your goal

a strong and welcoming community

motivation and guidance from the Balanzs team

15% discount to our partner Manduka



Keep on reading to get all the information about the goals and of course the prize if you complete the challenge!

Please read all the terms & conditions.

what's a challenge without a goal?

let's get physical

Goal: physical strength and fitness

Do you want to build core strength, overall body strength, cardiovascular health, and just overall find a routine that also helps you in your daily life? This might be the goal for you – think powerful, flow, and confident!

The goal of physical strength and fitness does not have to be only physical, but mental as well. Building physical strength can improve our mental state too – feeling more confident from the inside and out.

Example classes could be balanzs power, balanzs hot, pilates, barre, etc.

Although the goal is strength, strength also comes from knowing when to slow down, so don’t forget to incorporate some less straining classes to give your body and mind a well deserved break from time to time.

how deep is your forward fold?

Goal: flexibility and lengthening

Feeling tight? Want to get more flexible and just feel overall more less physical tension?

Yoga definitely works on your flexibility, and the choices of classes can be endless. Lengthening of your muscles is also worked on with various yoga styles, as well as pilates and barre. Never tried? What’s a better time than this challenge?

Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not flexible at all – we are sure after 21 days (or more), you’ll definitely feel less physically tense and more flexible than when you started!

relax, take it easy

Goal: stress reduction and mindfulness

Some of us turn to exercise to shut off our busy day to day life, whether we’re constantly on from work, school, the household, etc., we exercise to reduce our mental (and perhaps physical) stress and just want to take some deep breaths for a moment.

This goal will allow you to do just that. For an hour (or a bit more) long class, just allow yourself to be. No phone, no work, no school, just you and the practice. You deserve it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean only yin classes, this can also be an upbeat, flowy, powerful class. Sometimes you need to reduce stress by sweating, and sometimes you need it with a peaceful stretch.

Mindfulness is listening to your body, mind, and soul.

I want to break free

Goal: open exploration

Maybe you’re new to yoga or just bored of your current routine and want to explore different classes to see what matches your vibe.

This goal is kind of all the goals in one and more.

This goal allows you the opportunity to explore different types of classes with different teachers, from power and hot, to yin and barre. The choices are endless and ultimately up to you! We’ll give you a variety of classes to choose from.

Most importantly: go in with an open mind and heart, you’ll never know if you never try. What do you have to lose?

sign up to join the challenge

Leave your email address to join the challenge and receive motivational emails throughout the journey.

You will be sent a link to pay the joining fee of € 9,95

From May 1st, you can pick up your bag at your chosen studio.

This is where you will pick up your goodie bag with your stamp card to kickstart the challenge and reach your goal! (You can attend classes at any studio, this question is only regarding the bag pick up)
To make the most out of your challenge, pick a goal you want to focus on and achieve by the end of May. This way, we can give you personalised advice to help you on your journey!
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joining the challenge

You can participate in our Challenge by entering your email address above. Then, you will be sent an email with a payment link to pay the joining fee of € 9,95.
Of course you will get the most out of this challenge by using our Balanzs Always membership, which gives you unlimited access to our in-studio, online and video-on-demand classes.
If you currently have a Sometimes or Regular membership, you can upgrade to an Always membership for the month of May. If you wish to do so, please email us at and we will make the change for you!
If you do not have any membership and wish to participate in the challenge, you can buy a 21 class card for €185,- This class card will expire after May 31st.

and what's the prize?!

20% discount & more!

Join at least 21 classes in 31 consecutive days, collect stamps and you'll receive a 20% discount on your next class card or membership!
AND, amongst all who complete the challenge we will randomly pick one lucky yogi from each location (total of 4) to receive 3 months membership for FREE!

terms & conditions

The challenge will begin on the May 1st, 2024. The goal is to take at least 21 classes in 31 days. Remember, practice also means meditation and breath work, so be kind to yourself too and don’t take 30+ Power and Hot classes in a row ;). Online classes are also included. Think about your personal goal – is it to gain strength? flexibility? more mental peace and clarity? After you established a clear goal, it will be easier for you to plan which classes you want to take.

To track the amount of classes to take, you can get a stamp on your stamp card. This stamp card can be picked up at any studio on May 1st. Took an online class? Let us know and get your stamp when you get back in the studio.

 Make sure to use your 20% discount before July 31, 2024. Send a photo of your stamp card to The discount code is for your personal use only and will only be given when at least 21 activities on the card are done. And yes, we will check if online classes are taken ;).

During this Challenge, we will send emails to keep you up to date & motivated.

If you do not wish to receive emails, you can always unsubscribe.