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The world needs more happiness, health and kindness, now. And we believe that yoga and meditation make this possible. With over 88% of people experiencing stress in the Netherlands in their daily lives and 1.3 million (!) people with burn out symptoms at this moment, we believe it’s time for massive change. Science backs up that yoga and meditation are beneficial when it comes to stress relieve, but also to many other physical and mental health issues.

To summarize: We know yoga & meditation makes you happier, healthier & kinder, and therefore we dream of spreading the magic of yoga even more!

With 6 studios and an online studio we are already working on sharing our mission, but our dreams are big and we want to do more. And we truly believe that we only can create a way bigger impact if we do it together. Together with you.

As of now, Balanzs will no longer be ‘just’ a company – we will become a Cooperation. The Kindful Community.

Will you join and become part of making the world happier, healthier and kinder? You can! As of NOW.

join & become a part of the Kindful Community

By investing in the Kindful Community, you get a say in the way Balanzs moves forward, you will enjoy a variety of benefits, including discount on classes, special events and of course your share in the profit while we create bigger impact, reaching as many people as possible!

Hit 'invest' to read more about all facts & figures and how to become a co-owner of Balanzs! Our investment page opens up on February 20th!


our goals

our goal with the Kindful Community is to make bigger impact

To bring yoga and meditation to as many people as possible. We have already reached more than 60.000 people, but we believe that we can do so much more together with you. Will you join us? As of February 20th you can join our mission and become a co-owner of Balanzs!

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frequently asked questions

Investing in Balanzs makes you a co-owner of Balanzs. You become part of a company that wants to create a bigger impact in making the world a better and kinder place. You can join our bi-annual shareholder meetings to hear our future plans and have a say in those plans. And of course you will enjoy the (financial) benefits of being a shareholder. Depending on the amount of shares you buy, you will get discount on your classes and invitations for special classes and events.

You can already join by investing 250 euro!

You purchase certificates of shares. You do this via a cooperative ( Balanzs Cooperation U.A.) that owns the shares and issues certificates from those shares. So every certificate represents a real share. With a certificate you share in our profit and enjoy the benefits of when the share price increases. You will also be able to join our bi-annual shareholders meeting and, depending on the amount of shares you buy: discount on classes and invites for special classes and events.


We believe that we can make bigger impact when we are with more people. With all that is happening in the world we feel the urge & need to spread more health, happiness & kindness now.

Especially if those people feel more connected and really are a part of the Balanzs community by owning a part of the company. We also believe that Balanzs belongs to the community and that it’s fair that our yogis have a say in our future plans.

We will use part of this money to grow our online classes platform, as we have a vision that your yoga & meditation practice should be as accessible as possible, whether you join a class in the studio, online at home or meditating while commuting from work to home by train. We will also use this money to formalize and launch our franchise plans, to be able to share the Balanzs vibe in more cities in NL (and abroad). Lastly, we’d love to open a new studio in 2023.

To launch the Balanzs Cooperative we worked together with Funding Masters. Funding Masters is specialized in helping companies to raise money through activating their community. Based upon our past and on our future revenue they used several well known methods (DCF, VC and Ebitda multiples) to assess the current value of balanzs. More details to be found in the valuation report in the Finance tab on our Eyevestor page.

At this moment a certificate (which is called eyecon on the platform) is worth €1. So that is easy. When you invest € 1.000 you will get 1.000 eyecons.

The Balanzs shares can be bought as from the 20th of February. You can buy as many shares/eyecons as you like, until there are no more eyecons left. As soon as you have finalised your payment transaction, the eyecons will be settled in your Balanzs account.

Yes, at the eyevestor platform it is possible to offer eyecons to other investors. You can also try to buy more eyecons from others if you like. Shortly after closing the financeround the marketplace will open up. You will get a notification as soon as it opens.

Please be aware that a sell transaction can only be established if somebody is willing to buy and pay the price you ask. It is possible that there is at a certain moment nobody who wants to buy from you. So it is really like a grocery market.

No, not at all, Transaction cost of the platform will be payed by Balanzs. There is no platform fee for you. Only when you sell eyecons you will have to pay transactioncost of 2,5% (minimum €1, maximum €1.250).

No. Other than your payment for the certificate(s) you have no obligations, and you are definitely not held liable for anything. The directors of Balanzs remain responsible for the business of Balanzs. Of course, we love it when you recommend Balanzs to everyone you know and keep enjoying our classes.

Yes, that is possible. You need to open an account on the Eyevestor platform, with the name of your company and you pay for the shares with your business account number.

When you buy shares as a private person, you don’t have to do anything. You are owner of the Balanzs shares, same as you have savings or shares with your bank. If you invest in the Balanzs shares as a business it is slightly different. Your accountant can help you with that!

Balanzs shares are taxed in ‘Box 3’ The same box where you find your savings on the bank.

Yes. Cooperations have been around for a long time. Just recently interest spiked again, especially within companies that truly believe in togetherness.

In the past we opened several studio’s with your help through crowdfunding. You were able to participate in giving us a loan. This is different. We now offer you ownership. This does mean you won’t have a guaranteed interest rate, but if all goes according to plan you will be able to also absolutely benefit financially.

Eyevestor is currently the biggest platform offering the technical solutions to buy & sell shares/certificates. Just like a crowdfunding platform, but now for shares.

join & become a part of the Kindful Community

You can already become a co-owner for 250 euro! Check out all the facts & figures on the Eyevestor page.