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Everyday more people experience the benefits of yoga on their wellbeing, energy and health. And we are very please that also more companies take care of the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees! We see more companies that offer yoga classes at work, because they see that this has a very positive effect on the total wellbeing but also productivity of their employees!


Companies that offered yoga through Balanzs:

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benefit 1

less absense


Yoga strengthens the immune system. People that practice yoga in general feel better in their bodies, experience less illness, have more energy and less stress.

benefit 2

happier employees


A moment away from their desk, doing something together with colleagues ánd a healthy activity. Yoga at work gives you happier employees.

benefit 3

higher productivity


When you get people away from their work for a bit during the work day and let them focus on their bodies and mind, they will get way more productive and energetic when they get back!

our offer

Balanzs loves to brainstorm with you to find an offer that suits your company best. This can be a weekly class in your office, a series of Masterclasses on a specific theme like stress or mindfulness, but also online classes are an option.


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