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find the answer to most of our frequently asked questions:

Account and Login

You’re right! We’ve upgraded to a new booking system in March of 2022 to improve our customer experience. A couple of small steps are required on your end to be able to continue making use of your account.

Your current class reservations and membership/lesson card details have already been imported into our new system and will be right there, waiting for you 🙂

Please follow these steps to create a new password for your account and update your profile and payment details:

  1. Click on ‘login’ at the top right corner of the website to access the booking platform, insert your email address and select ‘Forgot your password?’ and click on ‘OK’. Insert the email address you have been using with us so far, and you will receive an email from Bsport to reset your password.
  2. You can now create your new password by clicking on the ‘Create Password’ button in the email you just received. A new ‘Edit Password’ window will appear. Please enter your new password twice, making sure that it is the same, and confirm by pressing ‘OK’. You will now be taken to the login page.
  3. Once you’ve logged in to your account, you can see several tabs on the left side of your screen. Select ‘Profile’ and confirm that all of your details are correct. In case you have an active membership, click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab and select ‘Add’ to update your payment details.

That’s all! You’re all set to book your classes, make purchases in the online store, and join us on the mat. We look forward to seeing you in the studio or via Zoom!

To book a class, visit and navigate to the class you’d like to join. It is possible to book classes up to 14 days in advance. Use the filter on the top left corner to select your city and/or preferred studio to make your search for classes easier. To read the full description of the class, click on the ‘I’ symbol. Once you’re ready to book, click on ‘Book’/’Reserveer’.

You will now be able to see your current membership or other valid credits, and can select the compatible pass of your choice. Click on the ‘Book’ button to complete your booking.

In case there are no active products available to use for your booking, you can purchase the product of your choice here. Either enter your credit card number or select another payment method to complete your purchase. Tick the box to accept the General Terms and Conditions and click on ‘Confirm Payment’.

You have now completed your purchase and the booking of your class(es), a confirmation email is on its way to you. Enjoy your class!

Your username is your email address.

Please insert the email address that you have used with us in the past on the Login page at the top right of the homepage.

Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ underneath the log in button and insert the email address you’ve used with us in the past.












Choose ‘forgot password’ and you will receive an email from Bsport with a link to reset your password.

Please make sure to check your spam email to see if the email has ended up over there. Didn’t receive an email? Send us a message via or give us a call (we are best available on weekdays between 9 and 12 on +31 (70) 34 56 033.

New to Balanzs

Amazing, welcome to Balanzs! We are honoured to introduce you to Yoga at one of our gorgeous studios. For newcomers to our studio, we offer a free 7-day trial period (10 days for Amsterdam). This trial period can be used once. You can sign up for your free trial via our prices page, after which your trial will become active with the first class that you participate in. You will now be able to try out all of our online and in-person classes for seven consecutive days. We wish you a wonderful time on the mat!

All of our classes are accessible to everyone. In case you are new to yoga, we suggest trying one of our more relaxing/gentler classes first. A Gentle Flow or Hatha Yoga Class could be a good place to start!

All of our lessons are open to everyone. In the schedule you can find the intensity of the lesson. Our teachers are able to make adaptations based on your experience level.

Experiencing a lesson is the best way to find out if a stylesuits you. That’s why we offer all of our new yogis a free 7-day trial period. You can ‘purchase’ your trial via the prices page or hit the ‘try now’ button on the top right corner of this website. Your trial will become active from the first class you participate in and will be valid for 7 consecutive days. This trial period automatically ends, there is no need to notify us of wishing to end it.

Our studios are always nice and warm, therefore, for our more active classes it’s wise to dress lightly. For our Hot Yoga classes, most people wear tight-fitting elastic shorts and a top or sports bra. For men, wearing a t-shirt is optional. For gentler classes, you could bring an extra layer – such as a hoodie and comfortable socks, to put on during your final relaxation.

For your very first class, you can make use of one of our mats for free. After this, you can either bring your own mat or rent a mat for €1 per use. Please also bring a towel to place on top of your mat, to increase your grip on the mat. We have showers at all of our studios, you can bring an extra towel in case you’d like to take a shower after class!

Yoga is practiced on bare feet, so we take off our shoes as we enter the studio. There is no need to bring your shoes into the room. Make sure you hydrate well prior to and after your class. You can bring a water bottle to the class and take sips during your practice as needed. You are very welcome to bring additional props, such as an eye pillow, bolster, blanket or yoga strap to support you in your practice. Yoga blocks are available at all of our locations.

We have a wonderful and inspired team of teachers. Some teach at multiple locations and others just at one of our studios.

Via the website you can find more details about our studios, which teachers teach there and what moves them 🤸🏽

You can find a lot of different styles at our studios!

Check out the yoga styles page to explore them in more depth.

This differs per teacher. Some of our teachers offer all yoga styles, others are more specialised in one or a couple of styles.

Some of our teachers may offer physical assists during your practice. They will always ask for your permission before doing so. If you are not comfortable with a physical adjustment, please let your teacher know that you prefer a verbal cue to help you in your exploration of the pose.

Classes and Bookings

Yes. We have teachers that offer private classes as well, which can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re new to yoga, are seeking to deepen your practice, are dealing with an injury… we can find the right support for you! If you want to make a booking for a private class, please contact us at or +31 (70) 34 56 033.

During the 7 days free trial, you have seven consecutive days to try out any of our lessons! Via the prices page, or the ‘try now’ button at the top right corner of the website you can sign up and book your first class! Please note: if you follow the steps, you will be first asked to create an account, which you will need to book your classes later on.

To book a class, visit and navigate to the class you’d like to join. It is possible to book in classes up to 14 days in advance. Use the filter on the top left corner to select your city and/or preferred studio to make your search for classes easier. To read the full description of the class, click on the ‘I’ symbol. Once you’re ready to book, click on ‘Book’/’Reserveer’.

You will now be able to see your current membership or other valid credits, and can select the compatible pass of your choice. Click on the ‘Book’ button to complete your booking.

In case there are no active products available to use for your booking, you can purchase the product of your choice here. Either enter your credit card number or select another payment method to complete your purchase. Tick the box to accept the General Terms and Conditions and click on ‘Confirm Payment’.

You have now completed your purchase and the booking of your class(es), a confirmation email is on its way to you. Enjoy your class!

All your current bookings are visible in your account in your Dashboard. Click on Login at the top right of the screen to access your account and select ‘Overview’. If you don’t see the class you’re trying to cancel, confirm that you are looking at the right location – you can change the location at the left side of your screen.
Please keep in mind that you’re able to cancel your class up to 3 hours before your class commences without any penalty. If you cancel within 3 hours prior to class starts, you will be charged a penalty.

You can book in a livestream class through our regular schedule via These classes are indicated with a video icon and have the word ‘Zoom’  in their title. You will receive a Zoom link 15 minutes prior to class. Please check your spam box as well 🙂 Class recordings will be checked for quality and if possible, will be added to our Online Library later on.

Lesson cards cannot be paused. If you are making use of a Balanzs Sometimes, Balanzs Regular or Balanzs Always membership, you are able to take a break as of a future billing date for a specific amount of days. If you are not quite sure yet how long you will not be making use of your subscription, there may be times it is more logical to terminate your current subscription and purchase it anew upon your return.

To pause or cancel your membership, you send an email at least 10 working days before your next upcoming billing date. In case of a pause, please include the preferred reactivation date of your membership. Should we receive your request too close to your next billing date, your requested changes will be applied to the subsequent billing date.

Absolutely! Because you already have a membership with us, this single class will be priced at 12,50 euro instead of 17 euro. Once you’ve used all of your class credits, the option to purchase extra classes for this reduced fee will become available upon check-out!

Scroll all the way down under the heading ‘lesson cards’ to find it 🙂

We’re stoked to have you join us for class 😊

Please make sure to always check the schedule on our website to confirm all details of the class you’ve signed up for. Our schedule is always kept up to date and will display the right location for your class (in case you’re unsure whether a class takes place online or at one of our studios, and at which studio you are expected.) You will also be able to find the name of the teacher who will be guiding you through practice and are able to see how many students have signed up to be in attendance thus far.

This is the best way to make sure you’re showing up for the class you’ve registered for!

You may find that some of your favourite classes book up quite quickly. Luckily, you are able to add yourself to a waiting list when a class is fully booked. Once a spot opens up, everyone on the waiting list will receive an email. The first person to respond will get a spot in the class #FirstComeFirstServe. This email will be sent out 3 hours prior to the start of class at the latest. After this time, the waiting list will no longer be notified. In case any students cancel their spots after this timeframe, it is best to keep a close eye on our schedule to see if any spots have become available. You can then book your spot and come on over to the studio to enjoy your class!

Pricing and Memberships

Great! You can find all options that we currently have on offer on our Prices page. Select the option of your preference and pay using Ideal, Direct Debit or Credit Card.

Yes, you can pay on our website with your Credit Card.


It is not possible to purchase a membership at our front desk. You are, however, able to purchase a single class or 5/10/20 lesson card at our studio. As memberships renew each month, we will need for you to purchase them via our website, so that you can review our terms and conditions and grant access for the automatic monthly renewal of your membership.

The validity of your card depends on the type of card you have. Only in case of extenuating circumstances will we be able to extend the duration of a card. You can check the validity of your card on our prices page or via your account page.

For all changes to your membership (cancel/pause/upgrade/downgrade), you will need to reach out to our customer service via In case you wish to up- or downgrade your membership, we will terminate your current subscription so that you can purchase the membership of your choice thereafter. Thus, these changes will be implemented as of your next membership cycle.

Please make sure to notify us of your wish to adjust your membership level or to pause or cancel your membership at least 10 working days before your next upcoming billing date, so that we are able to implement these changes in time.

We absolutely do! You’re able to purchase a gift card via our website. Scroll all the way down on our prices page to find your options. Gift cards are valid for 2 years from the moment of purchase.

The recipient of your gift card can simply click on the link in the email they’ve received and follow the instructions that are laid out. The gift card will then automatically show up in their account and will be available to use as payment on their next purchase.

Currently, gift cards can only be used for the purchase of single classes and lesson cards. Please reach out in case you wish to use it toward a membership and we would be happy to support you with this!

For any gift cards issues prior to March 2022, please send an email to with your gift card number and the amount so that we can add this credit to your account and apply it toward the purchase of your choice.

We are not able to provide any refunds for products that have already been paid for. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Absolutely. You will receive a confirmation email after making a purchase at Balanzs, with a link to download your invoice. This invoice can then be used for your personal bookkeeping or to forward to your employer, in case they cover (part of) your subscription/purchases!

Once a class has started it is no longer possible to enter our studio and join in on class.

In case you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to make it in time, it is good to know that it is not required to pre-book your class. You are welcome to come to our studio and have your teacher register for the class on the spot (as long as spots remain). By doing this, you do not lose a class credit (for limited products) or risk a late fee (in case of unlimited products), if you do end up running late.

Classes can be cancelled up to 3 hours before class starts without any costs. Cancelling a class within 3 hours of its start time classifies as a late cancellation. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged, as you’re taking a spot that could’ve been someone else’s. In case of extenuating circumstances, please give us a call or send us an email so that we can take your circumstances into consideration.

We absolutely do! Please send an email to with a valid proof of your (student) ID and we will send you a 10% discount code to make use of.

You can start your membership at any time, there’s no need to wait until the first of a new month!

If you’re completely new to us, you can first make use of our 7-day free trial period, followed by our New Membership promotion. You will receive more details about this promotion via email towards the end of your 7-day free trial.

  • If you practice with us consistently, a monthly membership might be your best call.
  • Joining a class once each week? Our Balanzs Sometimes membership will be your best option.
  • Prefer to join us on the mat twice each week? Balanzs Regular is where it’s at!
  • For unlimited access to our in-studio and online classes, Balanzs Always is the way to go.

All these three memberships include access to our online classes via Zoom, as well as all the recordings in our Online Library. Our Balanzs Regular and Balanzs Always memberships also grant you free access to our Masterclass. Workshops are not included for free. Memberships renew automatically each month, class credits do not roll over from one month to the next.

In case you prefer to solely practice with us online, you can make use of our Online Library Only membership, or our Online Unlimited membership – which includes access to both our library as well as our online livestream classes.

Are you joining us a bit less frequently, or would you prefer to have a longer timeframe to make use of your class credits? Then one of our lesson cards will be a good fit for you! You can choose between a 5 lesson card (valid for 3 months from first use), 10 lesson card (valid for 6 months) or a 20 lesson card (valid for 12 months). Of course a drop-in class is always available to you as well!

If you’d like some support in deciding what option best suits your needs, feel free to send us an email at or give us a call at +31 (70) 3456033 on working days.

Masterclasses and Workshops

A masterclass is 90 minutes in duration and is free for members with a Balanzs Regular or Balanzs Always membership, as well as for those who are making use of a yearly card (please email us to register if you are still making use of a yearly card). For all others, participation in a masterclass costs €20,00.

A workshop is at least 2 hours in duration and you pay for it in addition to your lesson card or membership. Of course you’re also very welcome to join these offerings without a current lesson card or membership!

Our entire schedule of upcoming masterclasses and workshops can be found on our events page.

You are able to register for the event of your choice online, or you can send an email to for support with getting signed up!

In case you have a positive account balance, we can help you to apply this credit toward the purchase of a Masterclass or Workshop.

Events can be cancelled up to 24 hours before they commence without any charges. You can cancel your spot via your account profile, or send an email to

The purchase amount of the event will automatically be added to your account as a Workshop or Masterclass credit, which can be used towards a future purchase. Please reach out in case you need help applying your credit towards a purchase 😊.

All bookings for events and classes are personal, thus there can only be 1 booking per account in our system.

To create additional bookings, you will need to create a separate account for each person who is being registered for an event. To bring a friend to an event, log out of your own account and create a new account for them, then use their account to complete their registration for the event.

In case their participation is a gift, you could register them to an email address of their own and ask them to reach out to us after the event so that we can change the email address in their account for them.

Other Inquiries

All items that are found at our studio will be safely stored at this location for one month, so no worries!

You can drop by the studio 15 minutes before or after class to ask one of our teachers to help you out with retrieving your item. All items that haven’t been picked up after 1 month will be donated to charity.

During your pregnancy you are able to participate in all of our yoga classes. However, we do not recommend to partake in any of our HOT yoga classes during your first trimester – and this may not feel good to you throughout your entire pregnancy. Please make sure to honour yourself in your practice and to take breaks and modify your practice when and where your body needs to. After all, it is going through a LOT of changes!

We currently offer a weekly Prenatal Yoga class at our Kleiweg location in Rotterdam on Wednesdays, as well as an online Zoom Prenatal class on Thursdays which can be combined with the Gentle Flow class which runs consecutively.

Furthermore you may find the following classes to be supportive to explore at this time: Gentle Flow, Re-Balanzs, Hatha, Yin and Yin Flow, and Yin/Yang Yoga classes. You can find and book all of our classes via our schedule.

In addition to our studio classes, you can find a wide variety of pre- and postnatal yoga classes and meditations in our online library to enjoy 🙂 These may be very supportive for you in learning how to adjust your practice as your body continues to grow and change.

If you’d like, we can add a note to your account to let our teachers know that you are pregnant and to inform them how far along you are. This will help them in preparing their classes and offering modifications to poses when and where needed. Please send us an email if you’d like for us to do this for you 🙂

If you’re richer in time than coin, you can join our Karma Yogi program and offer your energy in exchange for free access to our classes. No money is involved.

One of the ways that you can join us as a Karma Yogi, is by helping us in keeping our studios neat and clean. In exchange, you get free classes. Sounds pretty good, right?

If you’d like to join the team, please send an email to and mention which city you’d like to help us out in. We will get in touch with more information shortly!

Kindfulness isn’t just a key element in our classes, we’ve also integrated it into the design of our studios. This means that we make use of very efficient infrared panels that love to use green energy, and we’re super proud of our bamboo floors and interior design. Bamboo grows really fast and makes for a sustainable option. In all of our studios, we make use of led-lighting, water-saving shower heads and super smart ventilation systems that make sure that the air quality indoors is at least as good as the air quality outdoors! We love making use of smart-tech solutions, and thus can monitor the temperature, CO2 levels, and energy usage in real time.

Teacher Training

Yes, Balanzs offers a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course.

Yes, it is a fully Yoga Alliance certified, 200 hour training.

We offer a Vinyasa and Yin 200 hour course that is split up into 2 modules or 100 hours each. The modules are spread over several weekends, usually 1 weekend per month. Module 1 has a focus on deepening the knowledge of yoga, and Module 2 focuses on developing teaching skills. You can find all info on our website.

  • Balanzs currently offers the TT course in Den Haag and Rotterdam.
  • Module 1’s starts in Rotterdam between March and June of each year and in The Hague between September and December each year.
  • Module 2’s start in Den Haag in March and in Rotterdam in September of each year.

Yes, if you can’t find the information you need on our webpage, you can also download the e-book. And of course you can send us an email with your questions via