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kindful practices we follow at balanzs

balanzs kleiweg
give yourself time

We advise giving yourself time to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of class.

Find your spot, get grounded, relax your mind from anything that happened before and anything that will happen after. Allow yourself to come to this moment to your practice.

We kindly request that you take off your shoes and leave them at the entrance in the designated shelves to help keep our studios clean.

let go of the unnecessary

Please leave your bags and belongings in the changing room/lockers and only take inside the studio what is necessary: mat, water bottle, towel, perhaps socks/sweater, and locker key.

We also lock the studio during class times so your things are safe.

disconnect for an hour

Relax your mind (and those fingers)

Please leave your phones in the locker and refrain from bringing them in the studio.

Allow yourself to be free from distractions, live in the moment in your practice.

If you’re on call or have an emergency line and must have your phone with you, please let your teacher know prior to class.

placing your mat

In our studios, you will see stickers guiding you on where to place the mat. This is to make optimal use of our space and share our practice with others.

In the case of a not full class, please feel free to quickly shift/move your mat around when class begins if you need/want more space.

it's ok to laugh and have fun

Don’t take yourself too seriously, we’re all here to have fun, practice, and learn.

Be kind to your fellow yogis and neighbours, give them a smile, it releases serotonin and endorphins, preparing you for a great practice ahead!

It’s ok to have fun and laugh at Balanzs 🤍


please respect your other yogis who wish to stay longer in shavasana by:

  • refrain from talking to others until you are outside of the studio
  • not spraying/cleaning your mat inside the studio

double check you've collected all your (correct) belongings when you leave

Please ensure you double (maybe triple) check that you’ve collected all of your belongings from the changing room and lockers when you leave, e.g. clothes, headphones, bottles, towels, jewellery etc.

and most importantly… please make sure you take the correct shoes! 🫣