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Posted by zsoka bernard in Be Healthy / Inspire / on 30 juni

How to keep your cool with Yoga

Top 10 Reasons to Practice in the Summer   The summer is upon us, and you may be considering whether it makes sense to turn the heat up even more by walking into Balanzs Yoga. You may be asking yourself if you have the energy for it; others may be giving you that funny, “Have […]


Posted by zsoka bernard in Be Healthy / Inspire / Look Good / on 18 juni

Posture of the month: Sun Salutations

The Sun Salutation is often practiced in a flow yoga session. Flexibility, relaxation and the calming of the mind are just some of the benefits that you can achieve through the practice of yoga. The Sun Salutation can give you all of these benefits and is a fantastic way to start the day.You will allow energy […]

Quinoa Salade

Posted by Rosalie Ruardy in Eat Well / on 27 mei

Quinoa salade met spinazie, gerookte kip & cranberries

Quinoa zit bomvol eiwitten en mineralen, een perfecte basis voor je zomerse salade. Het koken ervan kan nog wel eens lastig zijn: net als rijst en andere granen moet je geduld hebben en het perfect koken van quinoa vergt wat oefenen. Deze quinoa salade staat echter binnen 5 minuten op tafel. De speciale portieverpakking van […]