judith van der klink


Judith has been teaching and studying various movement based practices including dance, somatic-and natural bodywork, movement meditation and yoga for almost three decades. She initially trained as a contemporary dancer at London Contemporary Dance School, later as a teacher and choreographer at Codarts in Rotterdam. ]

During her years as a dancer and teacher Judith discovered yoga and fell in love with the beauty and spirituality of the practice. Judith started her first yoga teacher training to deepen her own practice. Her love for yoga grew and over the years more workshops and various teacher trainings followed. However It wasn’t until she came across the personalized yoga teacher training at Laraiz that she felt deeply inspired and connected to her true teacher within. Judith’s classes are filled with creativity and flow, but she also feels strongly about guiding students through a safe practice.

Always with emphasis on safe personal alignment. Personalizing her classes, catering for different bodies, backgrounds, abilities and needs. But above all sharing the joy of movement, the pure pleasure of moving and connecting to the rhythm of our breath, finding freedom in body and mind. Judith is very grateful to be able to share her love for (Vinyasa) yoga.

Every practice is different, every day our bodies feel different, every day we feel a little different. The journey of yoga is full of surprises, discoveries and endless possibilities as we move towards stillness. Connecting one breath to one movement at a time.

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