19/09: workshop roll ’n release – indian summer edition

During this workshop you’ll be using a set of tennis balls :) to go on a personal discovery, in which you’ll learn, how to increase flexibility, reduce injuries and fully relax your body and mind.

By “rolling on” the tennis balls you’ll be stimulating the Fascia (connective tissue) and give yourself a deep tissue massage. Adding Yin yoga to the practice to make sure you’ll leave calm and relaxed. You’ll also learn how to apply this in a fairly simple way, so you can use the tennis balls in the comforts of your own home and keep your “Balanzs” at all times.

Indian Summer is a transit period where we embrace “the letting go” so we can easily move into a new season. It’s a time of celebration, joy and surrender.
Worrying about the future or resentment about the past will prevent us from moving forward. Therefor we’ll be targeting the stomach and spleen meridians (energy lines). Lots of attention for the legs, feet, belly (digestive system) and chest (heart area)!

Urmila has transitioned from fitness into yoga and doesn’t believe in “one size fits all”. Through her personal quest for more knowledge and understanding of the human body she bumped into “Myofascial Release” aka The Rolling Science.
The advantages are too many to mention and you only need a few (tennis) balls!

All levels are welcome, so come and get your “roll on”!

Why should people sign up? What will they learn?
Easy hands on tool to:

  • Massage the body
  • Enhance Flexibility
  • Easy to apply at home
  • Cost and time friendly
  • Corrects Muscle Imbalances
  • Improves Joint Range of Motion
  • Relieves Muscle Soreness and Joint Stress

Date: Saturday 19th of September
Time: 13:30 – 15:30
Location: Kleiweg
Costs: € 30,-

This workshop is without music

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