workshop 06/12: reset & restore – beat the winter blues

While the days are getting shorter and darker it’s time to unwind and slow down. Nature is telling us to adjust our ways of living and nurture ourselves by changing our food intake, sleeping longer & taking warm baths! If we adjust to this rhythm accordingly, our physical and mental wellbeing will thrive and we can easily beat the Winter blues.

In this workshop we’ll primarily work with Yin & Restorative poses. Adding also a little bit of massaging the body with some tennis balls, so we can move deeper into our practice as we loosen up the Fascia / connective tissue. Last but not least; breathing exercises and meditation, to make sure you’ll leave calm and fully relaxed, reset and restored.

Winter is connected to the Water element. Therefore we’ll be targeting the ‘Kidney and Bladder” meridians (energy lines). Lots of attention for those tight hamstrings and hips, feet, ankles, the whole back (esp. lower back), sore shoulders and stiff necks.

Urmila has transitioned from fitness into yoga and doesn’t believe in “one size fits all”. From her personal journey, she knows we need both; the Yin & Yang. She has given many workshops, related to Yin & Fascia and from this experience she has created something new for a deeper dive into healing and nurturing.

All levels are welcome. Due to the covid measurements please make sure to bring as many props as you need.

Want to join?

Please sign up below or via email to
Where: Laan van Meerdervoort
When: Sunday December 6th, 14:00-16:00
Costs: are EUR 30,-

No music will be used during this workshop

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