workshop 26/06: Self love during the pandamic – mindfulness & coaching

What is the event about?
How do I keep centred and connected to myself in a time of chaos and uncertainty. We live in an important time of transformation where we are challenged to keep ourselves sane and healthy. It is hard not to get influenced by the media or by opinions of people around you. How can you stay centred and keep listening to yourself? How can you connect to your own inner wisdom and not let others determine your life? Join this workshop to strengthen the relationship with yourself.

Why sign up?
In this workshop we will start to find out who you really are and how you can access your inner wisdom. Understanding yourself on a deeper level helps raising the love that you have for yourself. Learn how to truly take care of you, by loving yourself and appreciate your being.
This group session offers an open, safe and supportive environment for sharing personal experiences. The session entails mindfulness meditation, practical exercises and intuitive guiding by Life Coach Rosa Winkel. When you wish to know more about her work please visit

Date: June 26th 2021
Time: 13.00 – 15.00
Location: Kleiweg
Costs: € 25,-

What to bring:
Notebook and pen and wear comfortable clothes.

Teacher Rosa Winkel
My name is Rosa Winkel, and I am here to guide you on your way back home. I offer Life Coaching one-on-one and in groups. It is through my intuitive coaching method, and this holistic combination of study, that I help my clients deactivate unconscious fears and unhelpful thought patterns to create lasting change in their lives.

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