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Lead by the Senior Facilitation team, our 200 hour yoga teacher training is one of the most comprehensive courses available, and provides you with a firm foundation to become a powerful, effective and inspirational yoga teacher.

Judith van’t Hoog-van der Klink

Judith has been teaching and studying various movement based practices including dance, somatic-and natural bodywork, movement meditation and yoga for almost three decades. She initially trained as a contemporary dancer at London Contemporary Dance School, later as a teacher and choreographer at Codarts in Rotterdam. During her years as a dancer and teacher Judith discovered yoga and fell in love with the beauty and spirituality of the practice. Judith started her first yoga teacher training to deepen her own practice. Her love for yoga grew and over the years more workshops and various teacher trainings followed. However It wasn’t until she came across the personalized yoga teacher training at Laraiz that she felt deeply inspired and connected to her true teacher within. Judith’s classes are filled with creativity and flow, but she also feels strongly about guiding students through a safe practice. Always with emphasis on safe personal alignment. Personalizing her classes, catering for different bodies, backgrounds, abilities and needs. But above all sharing the joy of movement, the pure pleasure of moving and connecting to the rhythm of our breath, finding freedom in body and mind. Judith is very grateful to be able to share her love for (Vinyasa) yoga. Every practice is different, every day our bodies feel different, every day we feel a little different. The journey of yoga is full of surprises, discoveries and endless possibilities as we move towards stillness. Connecting one breath to one movement at a time.

Dong Zhang


Dong has been working as a devoted Shiatsu therapist and yoga/Do-in teacher since 2012.

Already in her childhood Dong discovered her passion for dancing, gymnastics and physical movements. During her journey of searching for the true “Self”, she did her 200 hours teacher training with the founder of Dynamic Yoga, Godfrey Devereux in 2009. In the past years she has done various trainings, courses and workshops in Yin yoga, Yin Yang yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Taiji, Qi Gong, Vipassana Meditation and Reiki with different great Dutch and international teachers.

Among all the yoga styles, she has special love for practicing and teaching Yin yoga. This has directly to do with her roots in China, the origin of Daoism and Chinese medicine which form the essential fundament of Yin Yoga. From 2009 to 2013 Dong finished Classical Shiatsu Therapy and Do-in Teacher Trainings led by master Alan Nash and Anushka Hofman at NSKS. These have enriched enormously her knowledge about the ancient wisdom and helped her to find “Home” in her own body. The following Instructor Trainings of Universal Healing Tao with grandmaster Mantak Chia have brought all the pieces together on a comprehensive bedding. Continuously deepening her knowledge and practice in TCM keeps Dong always inspired and refreshed.

Dong is fascinated by the intelligence of our body and also derives her inspiration from the Western medicine. She got her master degree in Early Childhood Psychology and Education in China many years ago. In July 2016 she completed her deepening training in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology at Shenzhou Open University for TCM.

Connection between East and West, ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, depth and simplicity, structure and creativity, serious learning and having fun is the characteristics in her teaching. Dong believes in the life strength of every human being and is keen for inspiring you to discover and exploit your own life strength. Join our teacher training, connect to deep (Y)in-side of you and smile to life…

Anthony Middleton

Anthony is a Yoga teacher and Body-worker, originally from the UK, now based in Rotterdam. As a former international level acrobat and professional dancer, Anthony has an extensive understanding of the body, biomechanics and movement, which is at the core of his teaching as a Yoga teacher, and also as a manual therapist.
Originally training as a Yoga teacher at the Sivananda Ashram (Bahamas), Anthony’s passion is to improve peoples Kinaesthetic awareness within their Yoga practice and their lives, to allow people to leave free from pain.
As a Manual therapist & Bodyworker, Anthony is currently part of a durational training scheme, learning about advanced ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’ practices and remedial massage techniques, at the ‘London School of Sports & Remedial Massage’.

Anthony loves to share his valuable knowledge through Anatomy teaching in an interactive and passionate way.

Jetske Tuinstra

Jetske Tuinstra is a physiotherapist, passionate about the connection between body, mind and meaningful living. In 2012 she successfully finished her physiotherapy education in Amsterdam. Fascinated by the question why different people recover in different ways, she specialized in chronic pain and fatigue. When she completed 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training in The Hague, she noticed the connection between the ancient wisdom of yoga and new insights in the medical world of today. Besides teaching yoga, she recently started her own physiotherapy practice, where she integrates different styles of therapy in a holistic approach. She loves to share her knowledge with you about the body and the importance of a safe and body-aware practice.

Passionate about sports and movement and always searching for new things, Angelique discovered Yoga in 2005. There was no love at first sight, though in 2010 she was ready to learn more about yoga and did her first training in India. This tasted like more, so Angelique kept herself inspired by following all sorts of yoga styles and several trainings.

Angelique van der Ziel-Schutten

Passionate about sports and movement and always searching for new things, Angelique discovered Yoga in 2005. There was no love at first sight, though in 2010 she was ready to learn more about yoga and did her first training in India. This tasted like more, so Angelique kept herself inspired by following all sorts of yoga styles and several trainings.

Angelique says: “I am a Dutch yogini, a former nomad, an ex-traveller and now a proud yogi-mum of two boys on an everlasting journey called life! Through my yoga practice I learn about myself. I have learned to become more conscious: being the observer of my thoughts. I am not a saint. I like wine and I love chocolate cake and I am pretty sure I tend to judge from time to time. What I find important is being the best version of myself. I don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga, but I practice yoga to get better in life: trying to cultivate a peaceful, kind-hearted, attentive presence that permeates my daily actions.

I believe we can only grow in life if we are willing to step out of our comport zone!”

Angelique will lead you to explore the beauty and wisdom of Vinyassa yoga.

Tim de Ruiter

Tim started his yoga journey by accident in 2009 while studying at The Hague University. Since childhood his parents have always stimulated him to do sports and other physical activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Due to injury and recovery bound to the fitness schools, that’s where he got drawn into Power Yoga. After practicing for one year it changed into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and eventually entered the Yin-side. Late 2012 he got the opportunity to test his teaching ability at the same gym he started Power Yoga, it was the final push in the process of becoming a yoga teacher. Not surprisingly his first teacher training was in classic Power Yoga at Dasra Center in 2013 and only one year later completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa training in Thailand. His interest in armbalances was triggered by the Rocket Series and since 2015 he started teaching armbalance workshops. Tim feels privileged to share his knowledge and experience on this exotic subject, inspired by Dylan Werner, David Swenson, Kino Macgregor and David Kyle. Playful and energetic are two key elements that represent Tim’s teaching style.

Zsoka Bernard


Zsoka Bernard is the owner of the Balanzs studios. She fell in love with Yoga 15 years ago and has since then followed numerous teacher trainings, workshops and programs. Zsoka is E-RYT registered at Yoga Alliance.  Zsoka has a Master of Science degree in International Business and by founding Balanzs she can finally combine her business zest with her passion for yoga. She will share her knowledge on the Business of Yoga and is very happy to lead the integration into silence retreat.

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