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Lead by the Senior Facilitation team, our 200 hour yoga teacher training is one of the most comprehensive courses available, and provides you with a firm foundation to become a powerful, effective and inspirational yoga teacher.

Bente Groenendaal

As a student of life, guided by the method of Yoga, Bente aims to shed light on peoples unique paths by sharing her understanding and practice of movement, connection, bodymind-breath awareness and being (human). Born here in The Netherlands her interest in journeying through the inner realms as well as travelling the outside world started early on and took many forms. Her journey took her to India by herself at the age of 18 and after completing her Psychology degree; she travelled back and forth to Mysore – India to study Hatha and Astanga Yoga with her first real teacher Bharath Shetty. Building from this foundation, her teaching expanded through workshops, retreats and masterclasses with beautiful teachers like Melanie Cooper, Nianna Bray, Ido Portal and many more. Honoring her teachers, her self-practice remains the biggest source she taps into to share the practice with others. Her style of ‘sharing’ is mostly described as caring, methodical, non- dogmatic, explorative, intuitive, accurate, happy and stimulating. Practice and all is coming!

Dong Zhang


Dong has been working as a devoted Shiatsu therapist and yoga/Do-in teacher since 2012. Besides yoga she teaches in the training programs for future Shiatsu therapists and Do-in teachers at NSKS in the Hague.  Already in her childhood Dong discovered her passion for dancing, gymnastics and physical movements. During her journey of searching for the true “Self”, she completed her 200 hours teacher training with the founder of Dynamic Yoga, Godfrey Devereux in 2009. In the past 13 years she has done various trainings, courses and workshops in Yin yoga, Yin Yang yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Qi Gong, Vipassana Meditation en Reiki with different great teachers.   Among all the yoga styles, she has special love for practicing and teaching Yin yoga. This has directly to do with her roots in China, the origin of Daoism and Chinese medicine which form the fundamental base of Yin Yoga. From 2009 till 2013 Dong finished Classical Shiatsu Therapy and Do-in Teacher Trainings led by master Alan Nash and Anushka Hofman at NSKS. These have enriched enormously her knowledge about the ancient wisdom and helped her to find “Home” in her own body. The current on-going Instructor Trainings of Universal Healing Tao with master Mantak Chia has brought all the pieces together on a comprehensive bedding.   Dong is fascinated by the intelligence of our body and also derives her inspiration from the Western medicine. She got her master degree in Early Childhood Psychology and Education in China many years ago. In July 2016 she will complete her deepening training in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology at Shenzhou Open University for TCM. Last but not the least, in her teaching Dong will integrate her own life experience and those of all her clients’ she worked/works with as a former social worker of a Child Welfare organization and as a Shiatsu therapist at the moment. Dong believes in the life strength of every human being. Her passion is to inspire you to discover and exploit your own inner strength. Join our teacher training, connect to deep (Y)in-side of you and smile to life…

Willemijn de Ridder


Willemijn de Ridder is a physiotherapist and works as a specialist on the upper extremity in Rotterdam. Willemijn has been teaching artistic gymnastics since 2006, and completed her 200h yoga teacher training in Nepal. As a former gymnast and dancer, she knows all about the body, injury prevention and alignment. As a typical example of a lifelong learner, Willemijn has a Master of Science degree in international affairs, and an academic background in cultural science, philosophy and physiotherapy. She has also been trained as a Neuro Linguistic Programmer. Like Jemitra, she is currently enrolled in an Eastern and Western Anatomy yoga teacher training program at Meadowlark Yoga in Edinburgh, Scotland. Willemijn is excited to share her knowledge and believes that knowledge is the key to safe teaching.

Zsoka Bernard

Zsoka Bernard is the owner of the Balanzs studios. She fell in love with Yoga 15 years ago and has since then followed numerous teacher trainings, workshops and programs. Zsoka is E-RYT registered at Yoga Alliance.  Zsoka has a Master of Science degree in International Business and by founding Balanzs she can finally combine her business zest with her passion for yoga. She will share her knowledge on the Business of Yoga and is very happy to lead the integration into silence retreat.

If you want to find out more about our teacher training program, or simply express your interest, please contact the programs team. If you’re ready to take the leap and apply for the 100 hr or 200hr yoga teacher training program, then register online.

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