• rotterdamkleiweg

    Our second studio in Rotterdam: Balanzs Kleiweg. The most beautiful of Rotterdam, we think. With State of the Art infrared heating. Spacious dressing rooms and showers. So come over and take a look yourself!

studio noi


In our 2 spacious rooms (125m2 and 70m2) you can enjoy your yoga classes. Because of the natural light in the studios and the infrared heating your will experience a great class.

studio noi


In our lounge we have plenty of room for a cup of coffee, tea or cold pressed juice. Or taking a moment to read a magazine, have chat with a fellow yogi or teacher after class. In the lounge corners at Balanzs you will feel right at home.

kleedkamer mariniersweg

dressing rooms

Our dressing rooms have all you need. You can leave your valuables in the free lockers and after class you can take a nice shower and leave the studio completely refreshed.

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