workshop 17/09: Sound bath – the ultimate savasana

A Sound Bath is an immersive and meditative journey into the deepest levels of relaxation.

The ultimate Savasana, Sound Bath combines elements of Yoga Nidra (guided yogic sleep) and live music, to encourage practitioners to truly let go. Handcrafted Himalayan singing bowls are finely tuned sonic tools. Their beautifully ethereal tones are actually vibrations, soundwaves which induce in the brain a profoundly relaxing waking-dream state. Sound Bath decreases brainwave activity, encouraging the release of deep-seated physical and mental tensions, while re-balancing the body’s often over-strained and under-functioning systems. Studies have shown that Sound Baths can enhance sleep, reduce the experience of chronic pain, regulate blood pressure, and produce in participants feelings of clarity, calmness and contentment. If you’ve never experienced a Sound Bath before, come give it a try!

Date: 17th of September
Time: 20:00 – 21:30
Location: Kleiweg
Costs: € 30,-

What to bring: You might want to bring a pillow, yoga bolster or extra blankets to create the ultimate Savasana for yourself. This entire session is lying down.

Liz Allan
Facebook – LizAllanYoga
Instagram – @LizAllanYoga

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