08/11: seasonal ayurvedic mini retreat: fall

Join Roos N in this second edition of our Ayurvedic-mini-retreat. Ayurveda is seen as the sister science of Yoga. It translates as ‘the knowledge of life’ and is an allround gentle holistic healthcare system that includes lifestyle, food, daily routines, yoga, pranayama, herbs – basically anything :)

Knowing about Ayurveda and therefor getting to know yourself will give you great tools to live your life with ease. This edition we will focus on Vata dosha (space & air element) as Vata is mostly predominant in autumn & early winter. The winds of autumn can easily bring us out of balance and the dropping temperatures bring coldness & roughness in to our system.

During our 3 hours together, we will touch on Ayurvedic principles, we will learn how to recognize qualities that are expressing in you, either physical, mental, emotional and how to stay in balance. Roos will provide you with practical tips & tricks in yoga, pranayama, lifestyle and food for you to stay grounded & rooted during this time of the year. This will be in the form of lecture, some time for questions and a gentle yoga practice.

We will end our session with a warming home made and Ayurvedic drink.

When: Sunday 8th November at 14.00-17.00
Where: Veenkade
Costs: 35 EUR,- Want to join?

Please sign up online or email to hallo@balanzs.nl

*No music is used during this mini retreat

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