• protocol & guidelines

    Please read our protocol and guidelines for Balanzs outside classes

guidelines for practicing outside

Dear all,

To make sure we can all practice safely in our outside classes, please make sure you read the following guidelines:

  • bring your own yoga mat (or big towel)
  • bring a sweater / jacket / socks (something warm)
  • make sure you place your mat a minimum of 1,5 meter distance from you neighbor
  • Keep distance and give each other space
  • Wash your hands before and after sport/yoga
  • Cough and sneeze inside your elbow
  • Having a cold or feeling sick, stay at home
  • make sure you book your class before coming! We have limited spots
  • you can cancel your reservation up until 30 minutes before the class starts without being charged
  • last but not least: we are not allowed to touch, but we are allowed to smile :)

To see how you book a class online, click here