priveles yoga

private yoga class

Besides our regular group classes we offer the possibility to book a private yoga class for 60 minutes at Balanzs, on a time that there are no other classes on the schedule. You can purchase the class online and then contact us via to schedule a time and date and find the best teacher to fit your needs.

To purchase this card you have to sign in at your Balanzs account, using your e-mail adress. The password depends on the year that you’ve started at Balanzs. So, for 2017 it is balanzs2017, for 2018 it is balanzs2018, for 2019 balanzs2019 etc. If you’ve already changed your password before, use your own password to sign in. Not able to sign in? Click ‘i forgot my password’ and you will receive a new one per email.

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