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A couple of days ago we asked our dear Balanzs yogi’s to give us feedback. What should we continue doing? Where can we still improve? The person with the best idea or suggestion for improvement could win a free 10-lessoncard worth €105,-. We received so many great suggestions and we are really grateful for all of you that brainstormed with us to make Balanzs even better. Meet Celine, the lucky winner of our contest. She shares the feedback she gave us, her view on Balanzs and on yoga in general.

“First of all thank you for the gift card, I was very very happy when I received that email. But let’s go back to how it started. I became interested in Yoga a few years ago, when I was still in high school and since I was still living in another city I would just practice at home with Youtube. Then I moved to the Hague and I realized I really needed something to balance out my study and all the time I spend behind the computer. I found Balanzs online and started taking classes.
Back then (2 years ago) I was quite happy with it but somehow my life was very busy at that time which is why I stopped up until this spring. Since then I follow classes on a more or less regular basis and cannot even think about my current super busy study without the great yoga classes. Overall I feel more energized and calmer at the same time and even have the urge to go at least 4 or 5 times a week.

What I really like about Balanzs and what I think makes it quite unique is the broad variety of classes, teachers and styles. Currently I am still trying out different ones and am surprised every time. It is quite nice that there are so many classes each day, so even as a full-time student I can attend classes at almost any time of the day and fit it into my schedule. Last week I followed the Barre, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa flow and Balanzs Fusion for example. I don’t have so much of routine yet and try to just find out every day what would work for me best. And in 99{aa9bba2555f33912aac1678d73b62ff6fe13e61f0fff9507c35bf83da347724e} of the cases there is a class that fits me at that current moment. For example yesterday I had a bit of a cold and felt quite stiff, so I went to a yin class and feel much better today.

Since I live in the Hague I tried out both Balanzs studios and am quite happy with the calming atmosphere of both of them. There is not so much of a difference for me, since both have its advantages. I like how Balanzs combines a very physical practice with a spiritual one and how that makes me actually feel a lot better in my daily life outside of yoga.
When there was the email then to win a 10 lessons card by sending in proposals for the studio I thought it was a great opportunity to give my feedback.

Obviously I was very happy with Balanzs before so my ideas where just minor propositions of what I think might be nice to experience at Balanzs and how all different people can connect on other levels. One was for example to have some small events, where people that go to Balanzs can meet and have inspiring conversations and simply a good time. Another idea was for example to have more theoretical classes about the ideas and philosophy behind yoga.
So with the 10 lessons card I plan to deepen my practice and to try out even more classes than the ones I currently take. I am excited to continue!”

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