new moon ceremony 17/10

During this New Moon Ceremony, we have the moon in Libra, the sign of love, harmony, balance and relationships. New Moons are great moments for new beginnings; to set new intentions for the upcoming two weeks. It’s a moment to go inward and create space to focus on what you feel. During this ceremony we will come together to share this beautiful astrological event. The teacher Kiri will give a short introduction to astrology and the meaning of following the phases of the moon, what they can teach us and why astrology can be used as a tool to find a deeper understanding of current energies. She will also talk about this current New Moon in Libra and what the theme of this New Moon is about, followed by a moment to ask questions. After that she will guide you through a guiding meditation. At the end of the Ceremony there will be space to share thoughts, insights and whatever you feel like sharing. This is always an option, never a must. Remember that this place is sacred and built out of love.

Why should yogi’s sign up? What will they learn?
During this Ceremony you will learn a tiny bit more about astrology, the phases of the moon and her teaching. You will experience how beautiful it is to give yourself a moment of gratitude and reflection during a powerful moon phase. This powerful meaning of ceremonies – used by many indigenous people all over more than thousands of years – and how these events made them live more in tune with themselves and nature, will be highlighted and shared.

About the teacher Kiri
Passionated by all the depths the universe has to offer – including ourselves – life always brings Kiri to situations, people and places she wants to dive fully into. This brought her to the person she – as well in her private life as in her public life. Kiri is an astrologer, writer, photographer, yoga practicer, reiki practicer in training, lover of nature and a lot in between that. In everything she does, says or create, she fully exposes her soul by using vulnerability as a portal to pure connection. She initiates to create environments where people feel safe to open up and connect with themself and therefore with the people around them on a deeper level.

Date: 17th of October
Time: 19:30 – 21:00 hrs
Location: Mariniersweg

This Masterclass is with music.

Costs: Free for 3/6/12 month members, or € 20,- for all other yogis

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