masterclass 30/08: the yin tales

Step out of the comfort zone is the mantra of the Yin practice. Every asana requires you to deal with resistance and find relaxation into the discomfort.

Let Luca guides you through this Yin Tales masterclass:
“I have established myself as a Rocket and Intense Vinyasa / Hot Yoga teacher. It is about time to tell my story through a discipline that I “secretly” love and inspires me most for my inner journey as a companion of my strong self practice. As a Yin practitioner I love to match the practice with a tale which every time inspires me in a different way.

In this masterclass I want to share this experience and explore a long Yin journey inspired by a tale and a suitable soundtrack, to help to release the tenseness of the physical and emotional body. ”

This masterclass is suitable for all levels and is free for all 3/6/12 month Balanzs members or 20,- EUR for others.

Date: 30/o8
Location: Laan van Meerdervoort
Time: 14.00 – 15.30
Please sign up by sending an email to or sign up below or at the desk.

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