ONLINE masterclass 23/04: savasana xxl – yoga nidra immersion

This Yoga Nidra masterclass will take you on a journey of deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Yoga Nidra, also called Yogic Sleep, is a meditative experience of different states of consciousness. The mind goes into the in-between state of being awake and asleep resulting in deeply rested body and mind This effortless practice is done while lying down on one’s back. The eyes are closed and the body made completely comfortable… How does this sound? ;)
Learn how and why Yoga Nidra can remove physical and emotional tension, wash away stress, restore a balanced state of mind, improve sleep, increase immune and digestive function. Yoga Nidra is also a way to reconnect to your true self, learn to hear and listen to the voice of intuition, and eventually start living from inside out.
Location: online
Time: 20:00 – 21:00 hrs
What to bring: As you will be still for the rest of the practice we suggest warm socks and an extra layer of clothing.
This Masterclass is free for all yogi’s that have a 3/6/12 month cards. For all other yogi’s it’s 15,- euro’s.

To enroll in this workshop you have to sign in at your Balanzs account, using your e-mail adress. The password depends on the year that you’ve started at Balanzs. So, for 2017 it is balanzs2017, for 2018 it is balanzs2018, for 2019 balanzs2019 etc. If you’ve already changed your password before, use your own password to sign in. Not able to sign in? Click ‘i forgot my password’ and you will receive a new one per email.

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