masterclass 25/10: turn your world upside down

In this workshop we will examine HEADSTAND (Sirsasana in Sanskrit). We find this posture in different styles of yoga as the posture has many benefits to body and mind. When practiced correctly, it can be a refreshing and energizing inversion that builds strength in the upper body and core, that stimulates circulation, reliefs the heart and lower back and it might be a posture that challenges you to face fears and go beyond your comfort zone.

What will we do?
• Vinyasa style flow, as a warm up
• Preparatory postures and drills, to build up strength and control
• Actual Headstands (optional), variations for beginner – advanced
• Cool down and relaxation

Why should yogi’s sign up? What will they learn?
If you want to understand all the different elements that go into a comfortable and safe headstand, this is for you!

In this workshops we’ll discuss the benefits of a headstand and those things you can work on if you want to create a strong headstand.

If you’re a beginner: you will learn what you need to get into a headstand safely.
If you already have a headstand: You will learn how to improve your control and stamina (how to stay up for 1 min – 5 min – 10 min) and we will work on different variations!

This workshop is without music.

Date: 25th of October
Location: Kleiweg
Time: 14:00 – 16:00 hrs
Cost: 25 euro

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