Love knows no distance


There’s a saying that goes that love knows no distance. I would venture to say that it is a reference to loves ability to transcend all boundaries. To move beyond the boundaries of colour, culture, belief systems, time and more importantly space.

Love can be experienced, given and received, no matter what the distance or physical separation. The same can be said for a multitude of other emotion. We as humans, seem to be able to share a feeling, a state, an emotion across distances put between ourselves, or beyond physical limitations we perceive. Who of us hasn’t experienced a stirring of emotion when connecting with a loved one over Skype, or FaceTime.

Who hasn’t felt the energetic high of supporting your favourite sporting team, watching an inspiring movie, or listening to a beautiful piece of music. Who has never felt empathy when seeing someone else’s pure emotions that led them to tears.

We all have. It is inherently part of the human experience. We are wired to feel, to experience, to connect. It might just be what makes us human.

I will however for the sake of this rambling of thoughts, keep my focus on the emotion that is love. Now it would be very hard to have a conversation around love, without entering into the fray the archetypical symbol of love, namely the heart.

The heart plays such a central part in our perception of a person and in sociology. We use it to describe people; ‘he is heartless’, ‘she showed a lot of heart’, ‘he wears his heart on his sleeve’, and so I could continue.

More so, the heart is literally the centre point of the human physiological system. It pumps fresh blood, and life, to our bodies. Come to think of it, the heart is the tool through which the external environment is disseminated into our bodies. Yes, the air we breathe enters and exits through our lungs, but the heart is what transports and distributes the air. It allows fresh, oxygen rich, life giving blood to flow to and nourish all the body. Similarly, it transports CO2, which is essentially poisonous and putrid to the body, to the lungs for excretion.


The heart is also the kinetic centre of our bodies magnetic field. What this means is that our body, which is pretty much a big battery, generates electricity and certain organs such as the brain and the heart, generate magnetic fields. These fields extend beyond the body and there is now scientific evidence to prove that bio magnetic communication happens between people and between people and their environment.


The Heartmath Institute is an organisation completely founded on looking at the effect the magnetic field of the heart, the regulation of the rhythm of the heart through breath work, and conscious awareness influence one another and how that translates into communication with the external environment.




As per an exert from them:

“information about a person’s emotional state is encoded in the heart’s magnetic field and is communicated throughout the body and into the external environment.”


Then there is the word courage.

We all know it.

From the brave prince rescuing the princess in childhood fables, to the Hollywood movies such as Braveheart or others. The word courage paints a picture of people finding the strength to overcome obstacles and fears to achieve something greater than what the thought they were capable of doing.

Courage inspires us to rise up, to be better.


When we look at the origin of the word courage, we find that is stems form its Latin root cor, meaning Heart. So one can deduct that the origin of being brave or courageous, is having heart…and by definition of the previous points, acts that have allowed the transcendence of limitations, the ability to rise beyond what we think is possible, the banishment of fear, is started and lead from the heart…and you can see, what is in the heart, directly influences our environment.


I feel like the world and humanity is being tested to its extreme right now…

There are certain stories portrayed by mainstream media, and other stories by alternative information sources. Facts and alternative facts float around. It seems that the only certainty is that information is manipulated to sustain an agenda.

Whether this is true or not, and no matter what we perceive to be the truth, the fact is that there is a lot of anger, fear and uncertainty around. It’s so thick, you can feel it in the air.


I have asked myself frequently of late, what do I want my children to experience the world as. What is the truth I want to give to them? How do I teach them to be brave and stand up for good, for humanity, for love?


I have come to realise that I cannot protect them from being exposed to the harshness of the world, but I can show them how to maintain themselves. How they view and love themselves, how they view and love other people and how they view and love the world as a whole.


We can choose fear, choose to view the ugly, we can give over to anger, but that will only spiral us down and make this our reality.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not talking about positivity beyond the reality. Never be ignorant to what is right in front of you. What I’m saying is that we can choose optimism, we can choose to believe that love and caring for one another is our natural state. The state we we’re born into this world with.


Yes, we got our ass slapped and started crying as soon as we were born, but then we were handed over into the caressing, loving arms of our mother, our protector, or creator, directly from that. We learn that the world is harsh, but it is the loving kindness that other share, that shows us the beauty of humanity and this planet.


I cannot speculate on whether the way we have handled this pandemic is the right way. What I do know is that the physical separation we have experienced, firstly in having no human contact in lockdown or self isolation, to now having to maintain the 1,5-meter distance between one another, has made us feel more divided, more separate from each other and more alone.

It’s made the world feel harsher. And although we are told to look after yourself and to keep your distance from each other because I might infect you, we have to continue to remind ourselves to love one another.


One fact I do know from this whole pandemic debacle, is that the according to the authorities and the accountant (the ones that do all the measuring), the 1,5 m distance is calculated from the heart as the starting point. Well funny you should say that….


It just so happens that our heart can send out magnetic and spectral communication further than that self imposed 1,5 m boundary. It just so happens that the heart is the origin of what it means to be brave…and lastly, it just so happens that the heart lies at the centre of and exudes out to the world what we call love. Raw, pure, healing, unwavering love. The love a baby feels when he is put on his mothers’ chest straight after birth.


So I ask of you this. Realise that you matter. Realise that you hold within you the innate ability to change the world around you. Realise that you are born from love and that love is your natural state.


Love yourself. Take care of your health, eat well, do exercise (maybe even yoga). Breathe with meaning and find time to slow down, take everything in and assess. Be grateful for whatever you have and wherever you are in life. It is exactly where you are meant to be.

And lastly, know that love knows no distance. Know that the heart knows the one true language. Know that if we all start to look at the good we have inside and start sharing that with one another, rather than being focus on the separation, the angst the fear, that we will rise up. We will become braver. We will overcome.


Not this pandemic, nor discrimination, nor misinformation can take us away from our true state….and our true state is love.


Share it with the people around you, friends, family and strangers alike.


Let’s all be the change.


Let’s all choose love…and spread it far and wide.


I might not know you. I might never meet you. But let me tell you this unequivocally…I LOVE YOU.

As my human brother or sister, as another energetic being, as another soul.




Andre Louis