There is a famous saying that says wherever you go,no matter what the weather is, always bring your own sunshine. So we decided to dedicate this blog to help you to find your inner sunshine! First things first. Let’s be honest the first moment when you start to lose that inner sunshine is the moment when you enter your office space again. And yes, that might be a sign to get another job, but hey maybe by making a few easy adjustments you can still spread sunshine even at work. 

  • Turn Your Desk Into a Mini-Sanctuary. “A sparse hotel room can make you realize how relaxing it is to live without clutter, Give yourself the gift of returning to a streamlined work space. When you return first organize your desk by handing off work to colleagues, filing paperwork, and giving away books and things you don’t need. That first day back, treat yourself to some flowers or an orchid and bring in a memento or picture of your trip to place on your desk. Change your screen saver to show your favorite vacation photo. Visual cues are an easy yet powerful way to relive how you felt on vacation. Now, any time work gets stressful, you can take a breath and go back to the peaceful feelings you felt while you were away.”
  • Make a Vacation Resolution. “Vacations give us a chance to reboot and start fresh,”Make a ‘vacation resolution’ to permanently adopt one good habit you picked up while you were away, like eating healthier, exercising a little more, or spending more time outside and unplugged from technology. It’s one of the best ways to make those vacation benefits last.”
  • Find a Vacation Theme Song.“While you’re away, choose a song that will become your vacation theme song, one you can play back when you’re in need of a two-minute ‘mini-retreat’ at the office “When things get stressful at work, put the ear phones on and play that song—( or better yet, if you can play it loud, so everybody can get back into holiday mode ;-) it will bring you back to a more relaxed mind-set and make your brain more open to problem-solving.”
  • Backbends Backbends Backbends The yogi way of staying happy? Well that is easy: We practice backbends aka Hart openers. Have you ever noticed that when you feel happy and relaxed you automatically walk with a better posture? With an open heart? So why not re-create that simply by doing a little back bend at your work or at home. Maybe just bij stretching your arms up to the ceiling and drawing the shoulderblades together. Colarbones smiling. Heart is lifting. Taking 8 refreshing long breaths focusing on the inhales. You will noticed an instant burst of positive vibes.
  • Meditate Your brains are so complex and so magical and so capable of reproducing memories. So take 3-5 minutes a day focusing on your favorite holiday memory. And use all your senses. How did your body feel? What was the smell in the air? What did you hear? What caught your eye? 

See you soon!


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