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    Feeling scared with everything that happens in the Netherlands? Restless? Tense? A daily 10 minute meditation helps!

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Now. From Balanzs. For you. Everyday a new meditation to help you through these turbulent times and finding a moment of rest.

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Meditating everyday helps to become aware of your primitive brain. Your ‘fight-flight repsonse. Your ‘I am very scared, so I start hoarding’ response. The moment we fall in this pattern, a lot of blood & energy is sent to your legs & arms. So you can run. And can’t think or feel anymore. And thinking and feeling are the most important things at this moment. So: fill out the form on the bottom of this page. You will receive an email everyday with a new exercise. When you no longer want to receive mail, simply unsubscribe.

Why are we doing this?

Very simple. We believe in the power of mindfulness & meditation. Taking a nice breath. A moment to relax. Even if it is only 10 minutes a day. Meditation helps you ‘ to respond instead of to react’ . It helps you to become a nicer and more patient person. And that is also good news for the people around you. We choose to offer this for free. To make a contribution in these turbulent times. We hope these meditations will help you!

Why now?

Especially in these turbulent times it helps to meditate. Maybe to not get ill. Although Science has proven that meditating on a regular basis boosts the immune system. But most important, it helps you to stay calm. To reduce your fight/flight/stress response. To deal with your fears and the situation. And to stay kind.

Are you in?

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How does it work?

Everyday you will receive an email with a new meditation. We advice you to do these meditations everyday on the same time. Maybe right after you woke up. Maybe when you go to bed. All meditations are about 10-15 minutes. We will offer different kinds of meditations so if you have a favorite one, you can obviously do this one everyday if you like! We choose to offer meditations with themes like relaxation, kindness and gratitude. Together we will get through this rough time!

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