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Can I take a trial class?

Yes you can! In fact, at Balanzs you can get 7 days of free yoga. You can get a voucher for this free and unlimited trial week here on the website. There is no need to sign up for your first class, you can just come to the studio 15 minutes before the class starts and join!

During your trial week you have 7 days in a row to try as many classes and styles as you like. In all of our studios, completely for free. After the 7 days, there are no strings attached.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

Dress lightly – also in a yoga class that is not “HOT” it is still nice and warm in our studio’s. In the Hot Yoga class most people are dressed in elastic shorts and a top. For men, a t-shirt is optional. Bring a large towel. We have a yoga mat for you if you want, but you can also bring your own. Yoga is a practice on bare feet, so no need to bring shoes in the room. Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially before a yoga class.

Do I need to make a reservation before a class?

No, there’s no need to make an reservation upfront. You can visit us anytime!

Can I decide for myself when I take classes?

Yes, there a no obligations. We do not work with set hours, because we like to be flexible. You can join a class whenever you feel like it.

How many classes can I take in my trial week?

The 7 day trial week is unlimited, so can you take as many classes as you like. Even two a day! We encourage you to try as many classes and styles.

I am new to yoga. What class would be the best?

We welcome beginners in all of our classes, except the ones where we explicitly mention that they aren’t. You can see in the schedule what the intensity of a class is and then decide for yourself which class you want to join. Some classes are more relaxing while other focus more on the combination of effort and relaxation. If you need help, always feel free to contact us at hallo@balanzs.nl or +31 (70) 34 56 033.

I am pregnant. Can I (still) participate in all classes?

Yes. However, if you are in your first trimester we advice you not to take Hot Yoga classes. After that you are most welcome in all of our classes, also Hot Yoga. During the first trimester, you can join all other classes, but make sure that you always tell the teacher that you are pregnant. In that way, the teacher can give you advice on how to alter certain postures if needed. We also advice you to join our prenatal classes. Those classes are especially designed for pregnant women. The prenatal classes are still quite active and also suitable for women in the beginning of their pregnancy. We advice to start with the prenatal classes around 15 weeks of pregnancy.

I am looking for a private yoga class, is that possible?

Yes. We have teachers that offer private classes as well. If you want to make a booking for a private class, please contact us at hallo@balanzs.nl or +31 (70) 34 56 033.

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