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stronger together

stronger together

Fact: yoga makes you a stronger person, inside and out. It helpt you to grow as a person, physically and mentally. At Balanzs we want you to grow stronger, together. Because, fact: the power of a community has more impact than the power of one single person. As we grow stronger together, collectively we are able to share more kindness to the world and to make the world better with every breath we take! Will you join us and grow Stronger Together?

After 30 days we guarantee you will be & feel stronger. Are you ready for a new beginning?

introducing: yogaLAB

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the next best thing in yoga

Fact! Yoga can be practiced anywhere and any time, but sometimes you can feel you are missing guidance when you take classes online at home. Problem solved! We are introducing to you the new best thing in online yoga – yogalab. With yogaLAB you can receive personalized guidance and advice after every online class you take!

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AI to learn and grow

After every online class, you can upload your video in yogaLAB. This new tool analyzes your practice through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and will send you a list of things you can improve on. To avoid injury, stay motivated ad grow stronger!

online real time fit test

There is also a super cool feature that gives you real time feedback during a practice and this will be presented to you in our new and improved Fit Test. The Fit Test wil be an online test and your results are saved under your personal profile.

stronger together challenge

Starting September 7th, we challenge you to take as many classes as you can at Balanzs in 30 days. To grow stronger, physically boosting your health and immune system, mentally working on resilience, no matter what will happen this fall – together. Starting en ending with our new online Fit Test.
-       You can join studio classes
-       You can join online livestream classes
-       You can take video on demand classes from our library and upload your videos to yogaLAB afterwards

join now

Let’s do this! Join now by selecting your card below and you’ll receive access to the Fit Test and YogaLAB + a month of unlimited in-studio and online classes for 59 euro. Do you prefer to join the challenge online only? Get your unlimited only card for 29 euro.

30 days unlimited


  • valid for 30 consecutive days
  • valid for all studio classes
  • valid for all livestream and classes
  • access to Fit Test and YogaLAB
  • only valid between September 7th - October 7th
30 days online only


  • valid for all online library classes
  • access to Fit Test and YogaLAB
  • only valid between September 7th - October 7th

yogaLAB review

yogaLAB review

I was not doing a lot of classes from home, because I always felt insecure about if I was doing the poses correct. To be able to get feedback after every class gives me more security about my practice and in also actually motivates me to practice more!


yogaLAB review

yogaLAB review

Supergaaf dat ik mocht meedoen met het testen van yogaLAB. Het werkt echt heel goed en ik vind vooral de realtime feedback erg leuk, alsof er een docent met je meekijkt terwijl je thuis een online les doet.


yogaLAB review

yogaLAB review

Using yogaLAB really helpt me improve my yoga practice. Everytime I got feedback via email, I was able to have better postures in my next class, online but also in the studio. I think it’s really cool that this tool exists.

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Besides the personal win of committing you to the practice and growing stronger together, we will randomly pick 3 winners from the top 10 with the most classes and they will get the opportunity to choose a class style, teacher and time slot for a one-off class that will be added to the schedule! We will limit this to 1 class per city.

balanzs bike

And that’s not all! All participants who finish the Challenge with 30 (or more) classes, will have the chance to win this awesome Balanzs bike! To win you must also join the challenge with a challenge class card and join the challenge facebook group.

stronger together
facebook group

After you bought your challenge unlimited card, head over to our stronger together facebook group! By joining this group you will be up to date at all times regarding the challenge and you will join the community of all participants, to keep each ...

terms & conditions

The cards are valid from September 7th until October 7th. The goal is to practice as much as possible, practice also means meditation and breath work, so remember to be kind to yourself too and not take 30+ Power and Hot classes in a row ;). Members can pause their membership for 1 month if needed, class cards cannot be paused or extended. To track the amount of classes to take, we will hang posters in our studios where you can fill out your name and check the box after every class you complete. Online class or class in another studio? Check them when you get back in your ‘home’ studio.