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14 days of free yoga

On the 25th of September, Balanzs will open her doors at the Nieuwe Achtergracht 11 in Amsterdam and a bit later also at Prinseneiland 20G. Especially for our new yogis, we have a beautiful opening offer. Start your practice at Balanzs and try our classes online and in our Amsterdam studios 14 days for free! Request your trial now, we have a limit of 1.000 free trials to share. You'll receive an email with our opening date soon and start your 14 days of free yoga when we are open.

14 days free trial

€ 0,-

  • 14 consecutive days
  • trial starts with the first class you take
  • unlimited access to all in-studio classes in Amsterdam
  • unlimited access to all online livestream classes
  • full access to the online library
  • no strings attached

what to expect from your first class at Balanzs?

Never visited a Balanzs studio before? Than you can try all our classes for free, 14 days in a row. Even if you already have experienced yoga in other studios, we still like to share what to expect in your first class at Balanzs.

book a class

You can book your classes via our website or app, but you don't have to. Always feel free just to walk in. The doors of the studio open 15 minutes prior to class. At Balanzs we do not have hosts, so be on time: the door closes when the class starts.

what style?

We have many yoga, pilates and barre classes to choose from. During your 14 day trial we invite you to try different styles and teachers to find out what suits you best. At Balanzs everyone is welcome in all classes, there's no distinction between levels or experience. We offer a large variety of styles, from softer Yin Yoga and Gentle Flow classes, to more active Yin/Yang, Vinyasa and Pilates classes or high intensity classes like Power, Hot and Barre. Under 'Yoga styles' below this website you can read about all class styles you'll find at Balanzs.

first class

When you arrive at the studio for your first class, the teacher will welcome you and sign you up for the class in our BSport system. You can place your shoes in the shoe-rack and get changed in the dressing rooms. We have free lockers to store your valuable items. When you are ready you can find a spot in the yoga room, taking your yoga mat with you, as well as maybe a water bottle and/or towel.

your best hour
yoga mat

When you join your first yoga class of the 14 days free trial, you can borrow a mat from us, for free. Every next visit you can rent a mat for 1 euro. We donate each euro to our Kindfulness Foundation. After class, we'll clean the mat for you, you can just put it back on the rack. If you have your own yoga mat, feel free to bring it.

class cancellation

Life happens! It's possible that you have booked a class, but somehow cannot make it to join. Please always cancel your class via our website or app. Try to do so more than 3 hours prior to class, so someone else can take your spot. Also cancel when it's within 3 hours, but please to keep the 3 hour time frame in mind next time, to prevent getting a fine. This happens when you late-cancel more than 2 times within 30 days. 7,50 will be fined to your account. The amount of the fine will be donated to our Kindfulness Foundation.

Have fun!

We truly hope that you find joy in taking our classes. Our goal is that you leave every class a bit happier than when you started your class. At Balanzs, we don't take ourselves to serious. We love a nice joke and there's definitely room for laughter in our classes. Come try it yourself and turn your frown into a smile :).

kindful yogi review

kindful yogi review

“After trying several yoga studios, I found Balanzs and I feel that they are the best in The Hague! They offer many classes and the teachers are very professional and authentic. The locations are clean and well taken care of.”

kindful yogi review

kindful yogi review

“Very nice yoga school! Many classes to follow at various times and many class styles.”

kindful yogi review

kindful yogi review

“Clean, kind and professional. A lovely studio with many different classes”

kindful yogi review

kindful yogi review

“Balanzs is the best! I love the place, the teachers, the classes, everything! Try for yourself and you will love it too.”

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