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Dear all,

As you probably heard in the news, balanzs will be closed until July 1st Although we of course deeply regret that we won’t be able to share yoga in our studio’s with you, we support this decision.

As always we want to see the silver lining in all of this.  I truly believe that as humanity we have something to learn here. Maybe it is to accept that we are not in control. Maybe a crisis like this will bring us closer together, realizing that money is only money and that love is our true nature. I honestly don’t know, but I highly recommend that you take this time for inner reflection and growth.

What to do?

As you might have seen we already launched a daily meditation initiative. More than 1800 people are joining already! Please check www.balanzs.nl/gratismeditaties.

The other initiative we have launched are our online classes.  Please check : www.balanzs.online

And you can find us outdoor! Check our schedule and join!

Let’s all keep dancing, spreading positivity, helping each other, being kind and compassionate. Let’s all keep dancing in the rain!

Love from the entire Balanzs team,


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