• the benefits of yoga

    Yoga is for everybody. Old and young, fit or not so fit, flexible or not so flexible. Everyone can practice yoga. Wether you practice once a week or on a daily basis, yoga enriches your life! You will soon experience the positive benefits on your body and mind.



Yoga helps you to chill.  It will decrease the stress hormone cortisol, lower the blood pressure and hart rate and this will cause numerous benefits. Better digestion, increased immunity, reduced change on symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.

cardiovasculair workout

Even the milder yoga exercises have cardiovasculair benefits. They will lower the hart rate, increase endurance and improve the intake of oxygen.



Another benefit of practicing yoga is that it can reduce pain. Research has shown that practicing yoga and meditation relieves even chronic pain.

 strong, lean & flexible muscles 

In the yoga asana (postures) every muscle in the body is used and physical strenght will be build from head to toe.   Tight muscles become more flexible and the practice of yoga will give you a better posture that leads to less pain in the neck and shoulder area.

weight loss

Yoga can help you to loose weight. In a Hot Yoga class you can burn up to 600 calories! Thanks to the burning of calories and reduce of stress, yoga encourages you to eat more healthy and gain self esteem.



People that practice yoga on a regular basis indicate that they feel more energized. Yoga causes a complete detox. During a yoga class, different organs are stimulated and this causes an improvement of blood supply. This way the body is able to detox is a very effective way.  The effect is that it slows down the process of getting older and and higher level of energy.

improved breathing

Yoga teaches people to breath slower and deeper. This leads to an improved lung capacity and deep relaxation.  The amount of oxygen in the body will be increased this way.



Due to the improved blood supply in the body and the detoxing effect, yoga will help you to get a more healthy and radiant skin.

yoga makes you ‘mindful’

Yoga helps you to stay more in the present moment and creates a better balance between body and mind. Besides, it will lead to better concentration, coordination, brain memory and concentratie, coördinatie, reaction speed.

7 days free trial

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