balanzs fusion yoga

balanzs fusion

Our user-friendly but challenging general level class. This class was designed out of the deep desire to combine all great benefits of Yoga in one Class.  It is a combination of Hatha, Power and Ashtanga yoga, Yin & meditation and offers peak strength, flexibility and relaxation.  This class is designed to develop a sense of enjoyment and freedom and to allow one’s breath and energy to fuel the practice. Key benefits: Building stamina in the Vinyasa Flow element of the class. Developing strength in our standing postures which we hold longer to deepen our practice & understanding, grace and fluidity, and through deep yin postures developing flexibility and a  deep expression of the self. This class will always end with a long(er) meditation ( 7-10 min) to explore the true essence of savasana. Class length: 85 min