Your yoga class is finished. Everyone rushes to the changing room and heads home, while you would actually really like to get to know your fellow yogi and make some new friends.
Sounds familiar? We hear ya!
That’s why balanzs introduces the free buddy program with official kickoff on the 13th of May.

In just two weeks, you’ll get paired with a fellow yogi to do all kinds of fun activities together. No worries – we understand you have a busy schedule. Therefore, our challenges are low-effort and can be done online. They range from simple things like sending a nice quick message, to actually going for a coffee or yoga class together.
You can interact like a distant friend or make the experience fully immersive – it’s totally up to you.

Want to join the program? It’s completely free, but we ask you to
*Attend the kick-off on May 13. This is where you’ll meet your buddy in-person
*Commit for a minimum period of 2 weeks to interact with your buddy either online or offline. Who knows, you might just meet your new best friend :)

Sounds good? Sign up for the kickoff AND fill out this form.

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