8 weeks mindfulness course

You hear the word “Mindfulness” more and more.

It feels like it is becoming a buzz word and it is for a reason. Mindfulness is about the quality of our attention. It is our awareness and the ability to live in the present moment. Meditation Meditation is one of the ways how we can learn to be mindful but there is a wide variety of tools and technics you can learn and apply throughout this course.

Nowadays Mindfulness is practiced not only by yogis but office workers, celebrities, students, and politicians. It has become a part of different therapy treatments, a way to increase your happiness and enrich your everyday experience. The amount of scientific research done in the field of Mindfulness has been increasing dramatically in recent years. It is proven that mindfulness can significantly improve your mental and physical health, your wellbeing, and your happiness level in general.

Mindfulness benefits are:

  • more energy and inner peace
  • increased ability to deal with stress
  • a greater capacity for relaxation
  • more self-confidence
  • greater clarity and focus
  • spending less energy on worrying
  • learning how to deal with difficult emotions

Sound like a useful tool to be equipped with, right?

Good news! Our yoga teacher Katya is bringing Mindfulness course to Balanzs this Autumn!

About the teacher

Katya is our Rotterdam teacher of Yin, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. She combines teaching yoga with a demanding office job, so she knows a lot about stress and pressure. Mindfulness has helped her to recover from a burn out, regain strength and learn how to deal with uncertainties, live happier and more fulfilling life. After experiencing all these wonderful benefits of mindfulness practice Katya became a mindfulness teacher and brings her knowledge of Mindfulness Based Stress reduction, Science of Wellbeing, Positive Psychology and Vipassana.

Course structure

Week 1:Why and how Mindfulness works
Week 2: Mindful attention
Week 3: Attention and emotional wellbeing
Week 4: Mindfulness for happier living
Week 5: Dealing with stress and difficulties in a new way
Week 6: Expanding love to yourself and others
Week 7: Mindfulness in daily life
Week 8: Silent meditation experience

When and where
Balanzs, Kleiweg 16

The course will take place on Saturdays 13.00-14.20, on the following dates:
26 September
3 October
31 October
7 November
21 November
28 November
5 December
12 December

If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness and this course join FREE Introduction to Mindfulness on September 5th 13.00-14.00 at Kleiweg. Limited spots available, sign up here.

What is included

  • 8 weeks of a theory and practice group training, 1.5 hours per week.
  • Weekly homework to help you build your practice.
  • Weekly guided mindful meditation audio recordings.
  • Mindfulness journal.
  • Surprise gift when you complete the course :)

What others say about Mindfulness

“Mindfulness will open your mind and heart. I have learned so much about my habits, patterns, reactions.

“Mindfulness is a tool you can use daily. I personally feel that things that were getting under my skin and caused anger and frustration cannot get to me that easily anymore. I feel happier and more resilient.”

“It helps me to see things more clearly – taking that step back and seeing my thoughts and emotions from another, calmer perspective”

“I love that mindfulness teaches me to stop, breathe, take time for ME!! To be in a present moment, to quiet the noise and chaos of the world. I learned to choose my emotions rather than run from them”


A small group of maximum 12 participants. No prior mindfulness or meditation experience required.


  • Regular price 299 euro per person for the full course.
  • Special Early bird offer if you sign up before the 11th of September 249 euro!

To enroll in this workshop you have to sign in at your Balanzs account, using your e-mail adress. The password depends on the year that you’ve started at Balanzs. So, for 2017 it is balanzs2017, for 2018 it is balanzs2018, for 2019 balanzs2019 etc. If you’ve already changed your password before, use your own password to sign in. Not able to sign in? Click ‘i forgot my password’ and you will receive a new one per email.

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