ready to book your first class?

Your 7 day trial wil start when you come in for your first class. You can make a reservation for this class on this website.

Visit the schedule page, choose the class you want to join and login with your credentials. Choose ‘make a single reservation’ and the ‘Z~seven day free trial’ option for 0,00 euro. You will receive a confirmation email when you booked the class and that’s it!

Need more info? check out this video on how to book a class:

and then you are ready for your first class…

Most likely you would like to know what to expect. For starters, we kindly ask you to read our guidelines for safe practice i that we need to follow due to the Corona rules & regulations and take a look at this video:

Then, we would like to ask you to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before the class starts, so that we have some time to explain a bit about our studio and the class. Dress lightly – also in a yoga class that is not “HOT” it is still nice and warm in our studio’s. In the Hot Yoga class most people are dressed in elastic shorts and a top. For men, a t-shirt is optional. Bring a large towel and a yoga mat (due to Corona we temporarily don’t have rental mats). Yoga is a practice on bare feet, so no need to bring shoes in the room. Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially before a yoga class.

And most important – have fun! Don’t worry if things seem difficult or if you can’t do the poses. Try different styles and find out what suits you best!