5 week prenatal yoga series

“Yoga…helps us to ‘live all the experiences of our lives’.” – Pema Chödrön

And what an experience pregnancy is! Pregnancy & the journey to motherhood can be both an amazing, beautiful adventure and also a chapter of life filled with challenges and confronting realities…and just about everything in between as well! Not only is your physical body undergoing miraculous change, but so is your mind and heart. This series of prenatal yoga classes are meant to help YOU, you incredible new mama, you, navigate this space in the most nourishing, strengthening & empowering way possible. “Prenatal yoga is the inner coach of your team of birthing experts (Linda Sparrowe)” and encourages you to remain open to the experience of sharing your body with another being, while also bringing focus to the self-awareness that you have everything you need to give birth and be an amazing mama!

This series will not only empower you to trust and surrender to your deepest instincts, but will also equip you with the same tools and principles that apply to giving birth. With a balanced mix of breath work, strengthening & refreshing asana practices as well as knowledgeable, non-judgmental antenatal expertise, you will be able tune in to your full capacity to navigate pregnancy, childbirth & your journey into motherhood.

Pregnancy often brings up many “cannots” in life…yoga is a CAN! You CAN do yoga, you CAN put you first, you CAN do this, mama!

Prenatal Yoga Benefits:

  • helps you navigate & adapt to the many changes in your body & mind
  • creates greater connection with your body & your baby
  • strengthens the parts of the body most active during labor & childbirth
  • increases the ability to cope with the anxieties of pregnancy & childbirth
  • helps you sleep better!
  • facilitates compassionate self-observation
  • brings more clarity & focus
  • creates a good self-care habit for motherhood

Our yoga teacher and antenatal expert: Lynn is bringing this Prenatal Yoga Series to Balanzs this Autumn!

About the teacher
Lynn is our Rotterdam Yin/Yang, Vinyasa, Gentle Flow and, most importantly, Prenatal Yoga teacher. She is also a Certified Birth & Postpartum Care Doula as well as a Certified Childbirth Educator and therefore knows a thing or two about the journey that is pregnancy and childbirth. Having conducted extensive research in maternal health care, receiving a Master’s degree in Medical Anthropology, as well as attending dozens of births around the world and helping many mothers navigate the postpartum time, she is full of knowledgeable and applicable tools which all mothers are able to use during this momentous time.

Her goal as a Prenatal Yoga teacher is to make yoga a “can” for new mothers, who are often confronted with a lot of “cannots” during this period of their lives. She seeks to empower women in finding that they already have everything they need within them to journey through one of the most natural processes of life. Lynn’s philosophy as a birth worker is “Happy Mama = Happy Baby” and so she uses yoga and birth work as a way to infuse new mothers’ lives with plenty of joy, compassion and support in order to help you be the most amazing mama you can be.

Balanzs, Kleiweg 16

The course will take place on Fridays 19.00-20.15, on the following dates:
21 May
28 May
4 June
11 June
18 June

Time: 19:00 – 20:15
Costs: € 125- for the whole course

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